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NaNoWriMo Day Seven

07 Nov 2016 in personal

Discussion Topic: Failure

Failure seems like the underlining theme to a lot of what I’m doing these days. So much or how I’m trying to progress through my life is wrapped up in successfully managing failure. My biggest fears in life all hinge off failure and as I’ve aged I’m learning that failure is not only a good thing but is probably the most constructive thing to the learning process. If you’re not allowing yourself to fail at things then you’re not trying hard enough.

Allowing yourself to fail is a tough thing to do. Not because it leaves you vulnerable to criticism, although that can definitely be a source of much anxiety, but because it’s almost impossible to know wheat will be a true failure. I propose that is why concerning yourself with failure too much can lead to inaction and that inaction itself is more damaging than any failure. To allow yourself to be frozen in fear by the possibility of failure is a disservice to your own intelligence and strength.

To overcome the fear of failure is tough. I find myself most successful when I can internally identify the feeling of fear and then force my inner dialogs to fight it out. It’s a very interesting mental exercise where I try to make both sides of my brain present their cases and hope require that logic be the deciding vote. This of course doesn’t always work and when that happens the fear and anxiety of failure can take over my best intentions until I can fight against it hard enough to force a resolution.

I truly hope I never quit fearing failure as much as I hope I learn new techniques to beating the fear. It’s both a strength and weakness of character. Without the fear of failure we are truly reckless and with an overwhelming fear of failure we are frozen in motion and unable to progress forward. So there is, like all things in life, a very fine line we must travel between these two sides. If we can master the balance we’ll be stronger for it.


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